I Don’t Dread Getting Bills Anymore!

I think I was getting ripped off big time at my last apartment. Are there rogue electricians who instill energy guzzling chips into the electricity meter who then proceed to split the profits with the electricity company? Do Triad gas company workers secretly advance the meters? What the hell can possibly explain the discrepancies between my previous pad’s utilities and the current ones?

An average electricity bill would hit us for around 400 rmb at the old place so then that was split 2 ways. When the third guy was sleeping on the couch and using the heating unit during the day all day everyday the electricity bill jumped up to 900 rmb.  Now I pull out the bill and its a cool 50 rmb.

My total bills now are :

Electricity- 50 rmb   (USD  7.93)

Gas – 40 rmb ( USD 6.34)

Water – 20 rmb  (USD 3.17)

Total Utilities  just over one pink Mao Zedong

as compared to

Electricity Average  400 rmb   Peak 900 rmb  (USD 63.49 and 142.85)

Water Average 80 rmb                Peak 200 rmb   (USD 12.69 and 31.74)

Gas Average 100 rmb (this went up a lot after the companies switched) One time peak of 450 rmb       (USD 15.87 and 71.42)

Guy on the couch (not my friend and not at my invitation) didn’t want to pay his share. I remember why roommates don’t workout for me.