Moment of the Day – Christmas in June

Chillaxing outside FeiDan with a Dead Guy Ale on Jiashan Road’s High Street Loft Pedestrian street yesterday some cutie little 6 year olds were singing “Wish You a Merry Christmas” in English while skipping along with their mom. It was super cute. They need to learn some more English songs though , it’s only June!

Kid’s Songs

As a Kindergarten teacher I’ve found that having a large repertoire of songs comes in handy. We always hear that songs are very important to learning but I forgot that before. By the time we are in middle school we aren’t singing songs anymore and by the time high school rolls around forget about it. High school has students sneaking around outside trying to have a cigarette , thinking of ways to skip class and get away with it. If a teacher said let’s sing a song! The students would most likely tell them where they could go stick that song.Back in Kindergarten though when I say “Let’s Sing!” everyone gets happy and cheers! Sometimes it feels more like a game and not education but I’ve found melodies and songs do in fact teach and/or can help reinforce things we have practiced already.

As I’m looking through songs to pick some new ones to teach the kids , I’m stunned when I recognize and remember the melodies and lyrics to soo many songs I haven’t thought about in 16+ years. I have no recollection of actively learning and singing these songs in school but I know I have and the fact that I can remember the melody after so long shocks me. If I don’t remember how the lyrics go at first all it takes is one look at the lyrics page and then bam it’s all back in my head. Crazy how these things work.

If that still doesn’t convince you of the educational applications of children’s songs then at least take it consideration that it’s a good way for the kids to have fun , get them to shut up , and get them to get focused on the class. Plus the parents really like it when the kids can sing songs (bonus points for you!).

I’ve found quite a few good songs on the internet and many that I remember but not all are golden. I can just imagine the bitter old lady who penned this beauty up


Have you ever seen the scrawls
On the fences and the walls,
All the horrid little pictures and the horrid little names?

Don’t you think it is a shame?
Are the Goops the ones to blame?
Did you ever catch them playing at their
horrid little games?

Hahahahahahaha. Graffiti as art! and rebellion against all those hideous advertisements we are bombarded with everday! Wooo hooooo