JiaShan Market

Shanghai Cool Places – JiaShan Market

This is a newish -about 1.5 year old – eco-friendly urban garden community located smack dab in the french concession. It’s tucked away in between South Shaanxi Rd and JiaShan Rd , accessible from little car-free -but not bike free- alleyways that connect the two major roads. Entering in from the South Shaanxi side one passes the old Chinese neighborhood wet market with fresh veggies and fruits , clucking chickens , splashing fish , and crowds of people trying to get their shopping done. It can be a little chaotic (and stinky) but go a little bit further in and all of a sudden you find the tranquil JiaShan market garden community. Based around a courtyard and an alley are loads of cafes / restaurants , an international hair salon , a tattoo place , spa , rooftop gardens , and super awesome looking apartments (10,000 rmb / month, a bit out of my price range but damn I am envious) . The eco-friendly restaurant , Melange Oasis , even has rooftop garden plots for rent for those aspiring urban gardeners (currently full-up!).

This place is an awesome little oasis in the middle of the city , a huge juxtaposition with the Chinese wet market near the South Shaanxi entrance. Even better , on Saturday mornings from about 10am-3pm there is a weekly little community bazaar . There are bottles of wine , paintings , calligraphy , children’s books , dried Xinjiang fruits , freshly roasted coffee , trendy bags from Vietnam , earrings , jewelry , and eco-friendly home cleaning products to be found.

Considering I’m only a five-minute walk from this place , you can find me here quite often!

Entrances at

Lane 550 Shanxi Nan Lu


259 Jiashan Lu