Gettin’ Brave

In the last two years graffiti (in the former French Concession at least) has been popping up with increasing frequency, and also in bigger and bolder spots. Props for this big one on busy South Shaanxi Rd. near Middle Fuxing Rd.

I need to get up to M5o to check if the street long graffiti wall is still standing. I haven’t been since I moved out of the area. It was supposed to have been demolished before the end of 2011 but that timetable was never met. Maybe the demolition has been cancelled? Pretty please?

November Graffiti

The weather is still nice out (20C) and im enjoying the tail-end of fall with the last enjoyable bike rides of the season. Fortunately for me my house is very close to the awesome Moganshan Road M50 Art District. I snapped some photos of some prime new legal graffiti on the Moganshan wall and stumbled upon some nearby not so legal ones on Guangfu Rd. Enjoy while you still can. The M5o graffiti wall is supposed to be torn down by the end of the year for development. Bleh!