GuCun Park Field Trip

Sorry about the past politricks post. In order to apologize , I leave you with these cute pictures from my Monday field trip to GuCun park with the kindergarten.

Kids Wonderland and Space Upgrade

Well , I finally did it. WordPress space upgrade 10 more gigabytes of room ! More photos for you! Woo hoo!

The first new batch of photos comes to everyone from our kindergartens June field trip out to Minhang plaza shopping mall and the Kid’s Wonderland inside.

Imagine a tripped-out psychedlic world of colors , light up slides , ball pits , and insanity. It was a hell of a good time for all the kiddies and I quite enjoyed myself too. I must say it was no D-Z discovery zone from my youth but still pretty awesome. (Anyone back stateside remember that place?!?) I was a little too big this time to fit into some of the tubes and crawlspaces but I did my best to provide entertainment by twirling the kids around in a sort of spinning contraption with seats. I did almost make 2 of them puke though. Sorry about that! You should have seen the looks on their faces. Hahahaha!

My heart melted a little bit that day as one of the students who was waiting to board the bus , saw me , reached out her hand and beckoned for me , and then said ( in Chinese) David sit with me on the bus today! We proceeded to spend the rest of the day together.

Here are some flics. Try not to get sick from cuteness overload. Days like this I wonder is this really my job?!?