GuCun Park Field Trip

Sorry about the past politricks post. In order to apologize , I leave you with these cute pictures from my Monday field trip to GuCun park with the kindergarten.

Kids Wonderland and Space Upgrade

Well , I finally did it. WordPress space upgrade 10 more gigabytes of room ! More photos for you! Woo hoo!

The first new batch of photos comes to everyone from our kindergartens June field trip out to Minhang plaza shopping mall and the Kid’s Wonderland inside.

Imagine a tripped-out psychedlic world of colors , light up slides , ball pits , and insanity. It was a hell of a good time for all the kiddies and I quite enjoyed myself too. I must say it was no D-Z discovery zone from my youth but still pretty awesome. (Anyone back stateside remember that place?!?) I was a little too big this time to fit into some of the tubes and crawlspaces but I did my best to provide entertainment by twirling the kids around in a sort of spinning contraption with seats. I did almost make 2 of them puke though. Sorry about that! You should have seen the looks on their faces. Hahahaha!

My heart melted a little bit that day as one of the students who was waiting to board the bus , saw me , reached out her hand and beckoned for me , and then said ( in Chinese) David sit with me on the bus today! We proceeded to spend the rest of the day together.

Here are some flics. Try not to get sick from cuteness overload. Days like this I wonder is this really my job?!?


BinJiang Forest Park

Yesterday I had a nice little field trip with my students way out in BinJiang Forest Park. The park is just north of the Outer Ring Highway in northern Pudong near where the Yangzte River meets the ocean and next to where the Huangpu River is formed out of the Yangzte. After the highway the bus navigated a windy narrow road through some chemical processing plants , and a clustering of cheap restaurants located in  dilapidated buildings supporting the workers.

When you finally make it past the grimy surroundings , the vibrant green juxtaposition of the park is especially refreshing.

I’ve always been intrigued by BinJiang Forest park ever since the moment I lay eyes upon that vast green oasis on google maps. I’ve made it out to some of Shanghai’s other “forest” parks and was interested to see this one.

At times I can really miss the wild parks and forests of Ohio. As teenagers and in University every weekend during nice weather (and hell even during snowstorms) it would be off to a park. Ohio has an abundance of huge wilderness areas with dirt trails , no other people , a real commune with nature. In Shanghai the city parks are often crowded, rather small , not a real park  but a facsimile of the forest created in an enclosed urban space in between the skyscrapers and busy roads.  I’m always looking to find a place in China that can match the parks of my memories.

I will say that BinJiang park is a very nice park indeed. I fear it is impossible to find the types of parks I knew in Ohio , in Shanghai but BinJiang did a great job of making me feel nostalgic for home. Several different ecological zones are recreated in the park including a kinda marshy boardwalk , some small lakes , and a plains area. The park also has a “cough cough” view of the dirty zone where the Yangzte meets the ocean.

There were more places to stroll but I was a bit limited by having to stick by twenty 4 year olds. We had fun running around playing doing crazy stuff but I would definitely like to revisit this park another time without the entourage and see everything.

If you are feeling adventurous and have some spare time to make it all the way out there ( northernmost stop of line 6 is the closest and then from there you will have to figure out the bus route) I recommend this place. If you need a break from the city and are looking for a different spot then Century Park Binjiang is the place!

(Sorry no pictures for ya. My wordpress storage limit has just about been reached  , I gotta do something about that.)