Back to Reality

Well , here I am again. Sitting in an office , the sky gray , the raining pouring down( update-  It’s been a few days since I’ve started to write this and the rain has now upgraded itself to snow) , and the temperature a far cry from adequate, enjoyable temperatures. My body has reacted badly to the switch from the hot tropics to the cold, cold, winter. I’m sick , my skin is peeling, and I think my lips have begun the process of petrification. I’m back in Shanghai. It’s weird to read that out loud, back in Shanghai. Back in Shanghai? You mean I’ve been there before? Huh? I’m back home , in Shanghai?

Gone are the carefree days when the biggest problems were, 2 cups of coffee or three? BeerLao or Angkor? Fish Amok or Beef Loc Lac? and
“Mr. Nice” or “The White Tiger”? Travel time is over and I’m smackback in reality – work. Bye, bye , blue skies (with the white puffy clouds) , motorbike rides along coconut tree-lined streets , lazing on the beach , reading 500 pages of books a day , hiking through thousand-year old ruins, a smorgasboard of  tasty Southeast Asian brews , and not being able to comprehend the language flowing around me neither speech nor text. Oddly enough being back in China I can
once again comprehend the speech and read the language , how did that ever happen?

One good thing about being back in China is catching the tail-end of Chinese New Year celebrations. Fireworks are exploding everywhere and it sounds like Shanghai is a war-zone. Standing on my balcony I’m really impressed by the size of these fireworks and the fact that they are exploding in between buildings and I see fiery debris slamming into the sides of buildings. The funny thing is that technically fireworks aren’t supposed to be set off in the city and our apartment complex had signs up proclaiming no fireworks but I swear I’ve seen guards themselves lighting off fireworks.

Like it always does the time passed far too quickly. My trip to Cambodia is over and let me say Wow! Or perhaps WOOOOWWW!!!!! would be better. Cambodia is an amazing country and I want more time there , much more time. I got a taste  , it was delicious , and I’m craving more. I tend to fall in love with a country upon arrival. Minor things are intriguing to me. Such as , the different products inside the convenient stores , how the language sounds , the kinds of cars there as well the big sights. Temples! Flooded forests, Ancient Ruins , and Landmines!

The people are super friendly and the language has got me hooked. Khmer script is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia (based off a long ago variant of Sanskrit) and is beautiful. Signs are decorated with calligraphic scripts and I am in love! Unfortunately I left my learn Cambodian textbook I purchased in Cambodia. Not much use for the people there but somehow , someway I will get another one.

I will be blogging about the entire adventure – as fast as possible -while the details are still fresh in my brain. Live vicariously through me , yea?

I’ll give you a taste of upcoming content

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Also, here is my upcoming life

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