Cool Places in Shanghai



Cat Cafe Bliss

#1 Taiyuan Lu (Near Fengyang Lu)

A Japanese owned cat themed cafe! The cafe is set inside her house. Ring a doorbell to be let in and let the cuteness run wild. There were three fat , lazy , cats all sleeping and three energetic little fuzzball kittens running wild when I visited. Prices are on the high side. (70rmb for a coffee) They serve a range of coffees , teas, a few Japanese beers, and then little appetizers. If you are missing some cuteness interaction just stop on by!



Shop #1: 25 Yongkang Lu (Jiashan Lu), Xuhui District, Shanghai

Shop #2: 499 BeijingXi Lu (Chengdu Lu), Jingan District, Shanghai

Tel: 641-88-400 / 138 1749 4914

Shanghai’s first boutique beer store/delivery. With over 30 different kinds of brews from around the world this is an awesome place. I often grab some BeerLaos (15rmb) or Rogue Dead Guy Ale (21rmb). At the Yongkang Lu shop there is one table outside with two chairs. Grab a couple of cold brews at much cheaper than bar prices and relax. I think BeerLao was running 40rmb a bottle at Dada Bar. Yongkang Lu itself is filled with different restaurants,cafes, and bars , so if the outside table is taken up just walk down Yongkang Lu and see what’s going on. If you are lazy or live a bit aways you can always call them up or go to to order delivery to your house. 10rmb delivery fee unless the order is above 200rmb

Shanghai Brewery

1) 15 Dong Ping Road (by Hengshan Road) in the heart of the former French Concession area.  Opened January 2012 in a prime location.
2) 21C Hongmei Pedestrian Street (Laowai St.) , 3338 Hongmei Road (by Yan An West Road) in the western district of Hongqiao. If you live out in Hongqiao then super convenient , if you are in the city center a bit out of the way. But hanging out on the pedestrian street can make for a great chill weekend.

Are you a Coors Light/ Natural Light chugging freak? If so , don’t come here. There are cheap hole-in-the-wall places with lots of Tsingtao and Suntory. If you appreciate good craft beer (Budweiser may claim to be America’s King of Beer but take a walk in a true beer store and see the insane variety the craft beer explosion has brought) or if you want to learn to enjoy real beer then come here. It has a sport tilt to it with some pool tables and TV’s broadcasting different events but I come for the brew. They have a selection of bottled craft and imported brews but c’mon it’s all about the draft ! An awesome weekday happy hour of 28rmb pints from 2-8 and weekends 4-8. Oh yea the food is great too!

Brew List

West River Weizen

People’s Pilsener

Black Eyed Bear

North Star IPA

Hong Mei Amber Hefeweizen

Boxing Cat Brewery

Sinan Mansions, Unit 26A
519-521 Fu Xing Road Central

82 Fu Xing Road West (Near Yong Fu Road)
Xu Jia Hui District

Hmm ,another another Microbrewery with two locations? It seems the craft craze is building in Shanghai. This is another classy option for enjoying some good brew. The Sinan mansions location is bigger with three floors and closer to my house. I tend to visit that one. The Sinan mansions spot has three floors , pool tables , Foosball , and of course , TV’s with sports. I once watched an entire rebroadcast baseball game with sipping on the brew during a craving for home. The happy hour is a bit more pricey at 35 rmb for a pint but the beers are every bit as good as SH brewery.

Beer List

Title Belt Altbier

Ol’ Smokey Porter

Wild Mild Ale

Donkey Punch Dunkel

Right Hook Helles

Sucker Punch Pale


Standing Eight Pilsner

Seasonal Selection


Moganshan M50 Art District

50 Moganshan Lu.


Putuo District Accesible from Metro line 7 Changshou Lu (长寿路) or Metro Line 3/4 Zhongtan Lu 中潭路

A really cool art district of former factories and warehouses converted into art space loaded with different galleries , a bookstore, coffeshop , and stores. Come to look at some art , drop some cash on some paintings , or check out the boutique stores for some cool bags, trinkets , and decorations. Outside of the M50 gallery zone is a huge legal graffiti wall that attracts some amazing Chinese and foreign painters. The wall is due to be torn down soon so check it out while it still lasts!

TianZiFang Art Z0ne

200 Taikang Lu


A really trendy art/shopping/eating/drinking area. This hip place is constructed in a Shikumen neighborhood. Some of the elder residents still abide in the area. Expect brick homes ,narrow alleyways , and expensive things. We have clothing stores , tons of restaurants and bars, cafes, cool Southeastern Asian home furnishing stores. Definitely check this place out. Super packed on the weekends but stop in during the workweek and enjoy a drink outside people watching.



89 Wuyuan Lu,
near Changshu Lu

A Japanese run organic shampoo , soap , and skin care product shop. There is a wide range of soaps based on traditional Chinese medicines that purport to have health benefits. Only one kind of shampoo for now but man I love that organic rose shampoo! 60rmb/bottle but it lasts for a long time.

Best Friend Music

363 Jinling Dong Lu,


Huangpu District. A quick walk from Metro Line 8’s Dashijie (大世界) stop。

A fantastic place to come shopping for instruments. Pianos , keyboards , basses , acoustic and electric guitars, supplies at good prices. Have a selection of some foreign name brands (more expensive) and some well made Chinese brands. There are many other assorted music stores in the same area all on JingLing Dong Lu. I picked up a cool acoustic for 600RMB here.


Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

2000 Century Avenue


Shanghai’s Science and Technology museum. Some cool exhibits inside the center and an Imax dome theater , Imax 3d theater , and a 4d theater to check out. On the outside of the museum is a nice open space with pools of water when people like to congregate and fly kites , skateboard , and rollerblade. Nice to see the museum and then grab a few beers and watch life go by.

Open from 9:00-5:15 closed on Monday.

Admission is 60 yuan for the museum and 30-40 yuan for the Imax movies.


MengQing Park (梦清公园)

130 Yichang Lu or 66 Yichang  ( depending on what gate you go to)

宜昌路66号 还是 130号

Putuo District near the borders of JingAn and Zhabei districts. A quick walk from Metro Line 3/4’s Zhongtan Lu (中潭路),a bit of a walk from Line 7’s Changshou Lu (长寿路) ,and very close to Moganshan Lu Art District.

This is a cool park for relaxing in the middle of the concrete jungle. On the bank of the Suzhou creek , it is also a good place to enjoy the flowing water and watch ships lazily float by. Especially good at nighttime to view the awesome light shows and take in the juxtaposition of nature and city. Go view the art galleries at Moganshan during open hours and then walk over after the galleries close to take in the color changing lights and enjoy the breeze with a cool brew in clutch.

Century Park (世纪公园)

Pudong district , exit on metro line 2 Century Park stop.

This is a very huge park located on the east side of the Huangpu River. A great spot for all those expats rocking out in the area or for those who are willing to take the journey from Puxi. It’s not that far really…. This park is gigantic. One of the largest in Shanghai , this is a great green zone to kick back , relax , and partially forget that you are indeed within the giant beast of Shanghai. Rent a boat , have a picnic , fly a kite, or take in the sights it’s all good here. Stop in and relax , it’s only one metro stop from the Science Center or a quick walk from the Science Center , why not combine a visit of science and nature?

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