Workin’ with Sherpa’s!

So it’s official, I’ve started work as the Sherpa’s Social Media Editor. I’m not controlling those hardy Nepalese mountain dudes’ Facebook profiles, but rather the Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou based food delivery services’! Woo hoo!

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been pretty damn exhausting, and quite overwhelming first getting into it, but I feel like I’m catching onto things. Kind of intimidating to hit the post button when my news gets out to potentially tens of thousands of people. I’m being my own grammar nazi.

Right now, I’m responsible for updating the news on the official company ordering website – , creating promotions and news on the company blog – , and working my magic with the company Facebook profile page (search for Sherpa’s Food Delivery). Once we get things totally running, we plan to expand to various other platforms.

It definitely takes more time, is more work, and pays less than my breezy kindergarten job, but it’s totally awesome. It’s also got some pretty killer perks too. Free Sherpa’s cash to do “official product testing”? Cha-ching! Plus, it’s pretty cool to learn about and get an insider view at all the different restaurants in the three cities.

If you live in Shanghai, Beijing, or Suzhou, check out the blog and follow our Facebook posts to enter in a bunch of contests to win Sherpa’s vouchers, free beer, and more! If you don’t, well, we’re always glad for the support, and hopefully we’ll share some interesting stuff on our Facebook feed.

Now, I’m dead tired. Sleeeep.

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