Continuing Technical Difficulties

Well everyone , sorry for the lack of posts recently but my wordpress is on the fritz. The media uploader is not living up to its name and consequently I’m stuck with words and no pictures. Seeing as how a picture is worth a thousand words this is simply no good.

I’ll be posting with pictures as soon as I possibly can 😦

Anyone else in China accessing wordpress through a vpn having problems?

10 thoughts on “Continuing Technical Difficulties

  1. Just when “Developing City Blog” tempts me to move to Shanghai with the revelation that there is now a “City Super” you bring me back down to earth with the reminder of how many small things remain difficult on the Mainland.

    Good luck sorting out your WP problems. Maybe you should switch to whatever VPN Zhongguo Jumble uses… Looking forward to more soon!

  2. Has anyone had VPN problems? Oh, my. Uh…yeah! We are now on our 4th VPN provider in the last 2 months. This last one, Astrill seems to be a winner finally. But it was extremely frustrating not being able to access wordpress.

    I’m not having photo problems though, as I host my photos on my smugmug site and just embed links. The quality is better that way, plus I have permanent backup storage of full res images. It also doesn’t hurt to make a few bucks here and there selling photos :-)….

    I suppose this is a little perverse, but I feel better when I know other people are having the same problem, and it’s not just me or my internet….I sure hope you find a solution fast. I feel your pain.

    • You were having problems accessing wordpress with the other vpns? I may switch over to Astrill if i can’t get this problem solved. I quite like my current vpn and haven’t had any problems up until like 2 weeks ago or so. But now I’m having trouble even getting on wordpress but not with any other sites. I just paid for a new 6 months with this vpn like 2 months ago , I’m gonna try to switch over if I can’t get this fixed. All this hassle over a silly litte thing. Thanks for the tips! Hope I can get back to posting soon…..

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