Spotted last summer in Dali.

Ironic , eh?

Imagine the censor’s dilemma.

“Are they making fun of us?”
“If we censor this , are we just confirming the fact?”
“Are we cool!?!?”


10 thoughts on “Hipster

  1. ha! I love it. And strangely enough, I saw a companion shirt today on a student strolling through Hainan University. It was a dollar sign over which was written “I was green before it was cool to be green.” Wish I’d had my camera with me…

  2. Great pictures! Of all the places we have visited while in Asia I can say with absolute certainty that Hong Kong has been my favorite destination. However, not knowing any better we stayed in a hotel in the Wan Chai district. Not really a location for young children with all the night life going on. Ha! Thanks for sharing your photo’s.

    • Hong Kong is definitely my favorite big city in Asia , as for favorite place I might be leaning towards one of the chill out places in South East Asia , seeing as how I live in a big city already. Always glad to share photos! There will be Vietnam photos up soon!

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