Building Up a Superiority Complex

With China’s changing economic situation and the influx of wealth that has hit the country like a bomb in the last thirty years has come a steadily building superiority complex.

With Monday’s departure for Vietnam looming ahead , various people have asked me about my plans for the Communist party’s week-long bash. My answer like usual is to get out of China. The sheer brilliance of giving almost everyone in the nation’s most populous country time off equals an insane migration of people and massive crowds. However , when I tell them where I’m going , they seem to be less than impressed. Keep in mind that these people aren’t China’s wealthy. They make around a little less than $500 USD a month.

My Co-workers.
Me – I’m going to Vietnam!
C (Co-workers) Vietnam? It’s too dirty!
IMH ( In my head) And China isn’t dirty? The newly found wealth in the country is pretty much the direct result of the sacrifice of the environment.

My girlfriend’s brother.

GFB – You’re going to Vietnam? Vietnam doesn’t have any fun places!
Me- Hanoi’s eclectic old french quarter , Halong Bay , hiking in Sapa , beautiful remote beaches , the upcoming Phu Quoc island resort center.
GFB – China has beaches too! Go to Sanya ( on China’s tropical Hainan island)
Me- What ? With the 5,000,000 rich people who descend on the island every year? With the full hotels and the quadrupled prices? Anyways, I enjoy the experience of going to a different country with different languages , architecture , and culture.

(Chinese beach courtesy of

My girlfriend’s co-workers.

While my co-workers are nice to me for the most part , my girlfriend works in an extremely competitive office and she is on the low ranking side of things. These people are mean to her.

GF- I’m going to Vietnam!
GF (Angry but trying not to show it) – Well ,where are you going?
GFC – Staying in Shanghai .

Now China , it’s best to remember that you have more peasants than the entire population of Europe. Just because there is an (admittedly) strong elite with vast amounts of wealth , and you have a huge military doesn’t make you number 1.Living in a relatively expensive city like Shanghai with a relatively low wage doesn’t make you superior to the Vietnamese who have a low wage but live in relatively cheap Hanoi.

Let’s quit with the superiority and enjoy the holiday!


20 thoughts on “Building Up a Superiority Complex

    • Much thanks! You guys get the days off from Mid-Autumn festival ? Our week long is due to the Communist birthday party. 5 days off in trade for VPNs just to use wordpress and facebook , and a shitty government. Woo woo!

      • When I was in Hong Kong for the layover , I kept laughing about all the ads aimed at mainlanders and our holiday. GOLDEN SHOPPING WEEK DISCOUNTS! HONG KONG BUSINESS COOPERATIVE CELEBRATE THE COMMUNISTS BIRTHDAY , and so on.

    • Thanks! 100% agreed with ya on that! I’ve been to a few places in Europe and had a great time but nothing can compare with the rich colorful cultural life in South East Asia! Plus a much better value for your cash! I’ll be on my way in 48 hours! Expect lots of photos!

  1. Interesting, isn’t it. We know, of course, that narcissism and the disdain and superiority that are expressed as a part of that, cover up serious feelings of inadequacy. It may be an old country, but the Chinese have a lot of psychologial growing up to do. I hope you have a great trip!

    • The trip was fantastic! Write-ups and pictures coming soon. Interestingly enough our Vietnamese tour guide for Halong Bay had some interesting things to say about the Chinese , including: not enough girls around so they guys have fake plastic girls , and some brothers share the same wife. Hahaha thanks for that!

      • Must… think…things …. through ….. ughh consequences. Working at a kindergarten I like the girls much better. Boys cause all the problems.

      • Yeah, I’m a kindergarten as well. I’ve had all ages at different points in time. One constant for me regardless of age – I seem to like tomboyish girls and sensitive boys. I have some kind of aversion to both ends of the spectrum. The violent stupidity of boy-boys and the finicky princessness of girl-girls. Sigh…

      • You hit it dead on! Ah the joys of ESL teaching. At least kindergarten is better than elementary and middle school. After one year of that , I can no longer even approach one of those schools. I cringe at the age group. I’m surprised more of the kids aren’t total brats , seeing how much the school costs and how well off the parents are.

  2. So true. This is why their hate sometimes needs to be ‘directed’ for them, eastwards.

    They are simply following what to think: going to Europe has ‘glamour’. I always laugh when I see a Chinese girl post an online status or something, saying “in Germany today and Venice tomorrow” with a big hint of ‘wow, I can travel!’.

    The same kind of thing can strongly be seen of others when they come to China though – for example, Taiwanese love nothing more than looking down at mainlanders! (sorry if there are any Taiwanese reading this, but you know it’s true!)

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