Korean Oreos

I don’t know anything about Korean but I feel the characters/letters they used to write “Oreos” is a nice fit. I like that “O” shape.

Found in Shanghai’s “Koreatown”.

If you have the money you can buy goods imported from all over the world.

It’s weird you can buy Chinese Coca-Cola , Coca-Cola imported from Korea , Japan , and the United States . What’s the point?


9 thoughts on “Korean Oreos

  1. From what I understand with coke at least is that its different in most countries. Just tastes different. And as far as those Oreo-Os go… uhh can you buy me a box and send it back here?! Can’t find them anywhere! SOO TASTY!

    • I’d say that the coke in China is the same as in the United States. Though as you well know I havent been home in a quite a while! Hahaha , well man , these Oreos are already imported expensive and then the postage to mail em’ would be even more but hell if you want I’ll send it over. Woo hoo Jimbo!

  2. Coca-Cola features a lot of different soft drinks all over the world, and although it is true for for example fanta, world of coke, the museum in Atlanta claims that the taste of coke itself is the same all over the world. I haven’t been all over the world, but I’ve been in several European countries and the US. I have never tasted a difference in coke unless the post-mix machine was set up wrong. The only differences are the packages. Officially, even the ingredients have to be exactly the same and in the same proportions. Coke therefor exists of ingredients that are allowed to be processed in any part of the world. Interesting stuff huh? It’s all in the secret recipe!

    Oh and btw; Pepsi sucks! 🙂

    • It’s pretty rare that I sit down with a sugary carbonated beverage , I’m a beer and water kinda guy, but while traveling around I do sample the local pops and regional Coca-Colas. I’ve never noticed a difference with the cokes in Europe , North America , and Asia . It seems like Coke would have to keep the ingredients/recipe pretty much the same over the world to guarantee consistency. Someone did mention the sugar / fructose syrup discrepency and I could see that coming into play. I don’t remember if it tasted different from when I was in Mexico , I was too busy drinking all the fresh fruit juices my host madre made for us every morning!

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