Shanghai Chinglish Park Rules

Park Rules and Regulations of Shanghai Municipality
According to Shanghai Municipal Park Administration Rules, Park visitors should obey the following provisions:
   1. Comply with the Park’s opening and closing time. For entering money-charge Park, the visitor should buy ticket or have relevant voucher. Child under 1.2 m height and people with mental disabilities should not be allowed to enter the Park without accompanies.
   2. Observe the “Seven Don’ts” civilized norms and Citizen moral standards. Don’t piss or paste randomly, neither smear and score, nor remove or destroy the Park’s facilities or equipment. Don’t bare arms and lie down randomly, neither wash nor dry clothes, nor glean and collect scraps or beg in the Park. Don’t divert or swim in the Park’s rivers or lakes. Don’t play ball games or fly kites (except in designated areas).。
   3. Don’t befool, scare or catch birds, crickets, fishes or shrimps (except operational items), cicadas etc.. Without permission, visitor should not bring any kind of animals into the Park. Don’t destroy woods and affect flowers growth carelessly. Don’t pluck or excavate fruits, seeds, clay or drag fro water plants.
   4. Don’t bring guns, ammunition, flammables, explosives and other dangerous items into the Park. Don’t set off crackers, BBQ, encamp in the Park (except in the designated areas).
   5. The visitor’s behavior should not affect other visitors’ activities in the Park. All team activities must follow relevant management department’s regulations. Without permission, don’t make public speck, congregation, donation and other activities. Don’t practice feudalism activities, gambling and other activities expressively forbidden by laws and regulations. Without permission, don’t set up stands, hawk, practice medicine or distribute advertising and publicity materials.
   6. Without permission, all types of vehicles are not allowed to enter the Park (except the wheelchairs for the disabled). When being allowed to enter the Park, the vehicles should be driven very slowly in the Park.
Shanghai Landscape Administration Bureau
This Ordinance shall be promulgated and come into force on Feb. 10th, 2002.

This was gleamed directly from the Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park website and not a word was changed.

Remember it’s very important not to befool any animals or practice feudalism activities!


2 thoughts on “Shanghai Chinglish Park Rules

    • Chinglish helps me get through the day sometimes. Glad to share! I wonder what the penalty would be for befooling a cicada? Imagine the look on the guards face as he caught you in the middle of the act. HAHA

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