Photo of The Day – Anti-Drug PSA

真爱生命 远离xi毒品
Cherish your life , stay away from (physical act of doing)drugs. Oddly enough the xi character is traditional Chinese and I can’t locate the character on my computer. The rest of the characters are the standard simplified Chinese used on mainland China.

An interesting PSA slapped on the back of a bus stop on Jian Guo Xi Rd.

The four drugs focused on included:

Yaba (A southeastern amphetamine pill) in Thai literally Crazy Drug but Chinese doesn’t use the literal translation, they adopt the sound. Ma Ji , instead of the Chinese characters meaning Crazy Drug.

Like most of Asia , the focus is on the speedy drugs. Interestingly enough the two drugs most popular with the foreign communities , Weed/Hash , and Cocaine are left off the list.


2 thoughts on “Photo of The Day – Anti-Drug PSA

    • Haha these PSA are pretty much the same in every language. I was pretty surprised to see this sign , it seems like the average person in Shanghai wouldn’t even know what these drugs were until the sign told them!

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