Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This week’s photo challenge!

Urban is a theme I can really dig , living in Shanghai and all.

Can’t get much more urban than the view from my old apartment.


The first time I stepped out onto the balcony and saw this , I was in love!

Here is one more that I feel highlights the changes Shanghai is going through right now. It takes a lot of work to transform from a stifled Commie city to a thriving Commie Capitalist city.

What is the man there thinking? Alone and cast adrift in the midst of the rubble. Reminiscing or dreaming of a better tomorrow?

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. I am so fascinated by China and places like Shanghai. I will never see them in person… but you can bring me some of the flavor of the urban landscape. Thank you for your images…

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m really glad I can share my images of these great places with you. I post a lot of pictures on here and have an upcoming trip to Vietnam and Hong Kong . So check back for some more pics!

    • Hey Carol , Thanks for the comment! Just checked your photos out and yours are awesome. I recognize some of those places from my trips to Beijing. I love the Hutong neighborhoods but they are being replaced by skyscrapers at a quick rate. Before the Olympics there were thousands more. It’s a safe bet to say that in China there is construction everywhere. From my travels around every city has a multitude of cranes , new subway systems being built , and ghostly skyscraper shells going up. In Shanghai right now , the city is building the world’s second tallest building!

    • Thanks for the praise! Asia in general just lends itself to being photographed. Where are you living now? I’ve been out here for two and a half years and can’t seem to get away (albeit all too brief trips to the tropical southeast Asian countries). Maybe it’s the MSG grabbing hold of our brains and never letting go? 🙂

      • Haha, no doubt! I’m in Haikou, Hainan. Was here 5 months last year and 8 months in rural Hunan province before that. Also lived in Taipei. Been to Beijing, but not Shanghai. Everyone raves about it…

      • Wow , you’ve been bouncing around all over the place! I lived in Tianjin for about 5 months before fleeing to Shanghai. I love traveling throughout China and visiting the rural places but I love living in the big cosmopolitan Shanghai. It’s a whole world in itself. Come and visit sometime!

  2. Wow awesome! Bouncing all over the place! One of these days I’ll make it to Hainan Island. Shanghai is quite awesome. I really enjoy living here although it’s good to get out sometimes and remember what the “real China” is like. Shanghai is like another world in itself.

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