Moment of the Day – Shovey Subway

Amazing moment of the day for ya today folks!

First a little bit of background

In Mainland China people ( I’ve heard Hong Kongnese don’t do this although I can’t confirm through personal experience) have a lack of common decency/sense when it comes to queuing and behaviors on public transit.

Lining-up? Free-for-all battle royale.
Shoving strangers to try to get on a bus or subway? Totally acceptable.
Forget about the fact that if everyone waited in a neat and orderly fashion that things would be much smoother , quicker , and overall more pleasant.

Maybe it’s the sheer amount of population that makes individuals tune out others, just shove on through like no one is there. In a country of 1.3 billion the odds of seeing that person you just showed no consideration at all towards is nil.

When I was riding the London underground I was lugging a heavy bag , and I accidentally bumped a guy’s shoe. He stared me down until I said sorry. Riding the Manila metro people actually say sorry and Excuse (Iyksus in Tagalog) , and there is a distinctive lack of shoving. What will it take to bring that here?

Alright now on to the events of Friday.

I’m chilling on the metro getting ready to brave the fools ,who without fail will be ready to give me a hassle, after I exit the train at the Zhaojiabang metro station line 7 side to switch over to line 9. As the train pulls into the station, I’m standing behind a very beautiful girl all dolled up in make-up , short dress , and high heels . We prepare to fight through.

Pulling into the station I can make out a solid wall of people waiting to board. I don’t know much about American NFL football but to put things analogy-wise , its like the defensive line is locked together ready to rush forward in a full-blitz. A surge of human flesh to tackle the man with the ball.

Even though the metro has tons of signs teaching people the correct way to board trains ( Civilized City Off the Train First Board the Train After) ,and arrows on the ground showing the correct way to stand ( disembarking passengers have arrows in the middle and the sides have arrows showing where to stand and how to get on the train) , people don’t use their brains. (They even made my sister cry when she visited!)

I don’t know what it is about the combination of 4:10 in the afternoon and Zhaojiabang metro station , that attracts such fucking idiotic people.

The doors open and the entire solid wall of people comes rushing forward. The pretty girl and I have no possible way to get through. A large country bumpkin looking fool rushes in and runs directly into the pretty girl. Here’s were things get interesting. Contrary to my expectations the girl contracts her arms and bam! Double fist punch slams the country bumpkin right in the chest. YES! He staggers back and slams hard with his heel into a woman’s shin , also trying to push her way through, Her face twists in pain and rage and she howls! Country bumpkin is totally nonplussed by the girl shoving him hard . and he rushes forward again and slams into my extended rigid elbow ( a totally non-active move on my part , just stick a body part out , hold it steady , and the retards do damage to themselves).

We are left with an injured belly , a wounded shin , and bunch of stressed-out, pissed off people. If the embarking passengers would have just left and opening and not shoved we would have had no problems , no injuries , and everyone would have gotten to their destinations faster. All of this easily avoided by some simple manners. I just can’t understand why Chinese act this way. My Chinese girlfriend also cannot explain it (although she doesn’t engage in the shoving.)


2 thoughts on “Moment of the Day – Shovey Subway

  1. Hong Kongnese will que for bus and taxi’s but metro is another story. Very similar to what you describe. Thanks for following and looking forward to look through your site. As a new expat in Shanghai, I am so excited to explore the city.

    • Good to know about Hong Kong! I’m headed there in October and November. I have some horror stories about “lining-up” for buses in China involving stampedes , missing 3 buses in a row when I’ve been the first in “line” at the start , and a college girl almost getting trampled. Whew! As a newly-arrived I recommend you stay away from rush hour! What will you be doing here?

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