City getting you down? Sick of the rush hour subway ride, and the legions of shitheads shoving their way onto the train , standing directly in the way of disembarking passengers, and not letting you get off the train? Are you about to deck the next person who whispers “laowai” to a friend, and then laughs? Next time a taxi cuts you off when you have the green light as a pedestrian are you going to smash the window in?

Big city life can strenuous. Sometimes you need to get out or break the rat-race routine you’ve locked yourself into.

Don’t just blindly hop into the metro and go home just to flick whatever new $2 DVD you recently purchased. Go for a walk. Explore. Head down into that little alleyway to see the a new part of town. Tuck your head into the dusty little shop , who knows what you’ll find? Dig into that street food. Sit and watch the people go by.

It can really help to de-stress , and help you to remember the love for the big city that is currently hiding somewhere deep inside yourself.

I love just walking and gazing out upon the massive , living , breathing , concrete jungle that provides shelter for me and 23 million others. Something new is happening everyday. We just gotta go out and find it.

Here are some random flicks I snapped while walking around at Middle HuaiHai Rd and Chongqing Rd.

In other news, there is a typhoon buffeting the city right now and quoting Shanghai Daily (newspaper)

“Shanghai banned all outdoor group activities, closed all city parks and suspended summer classes. It also stopped all outdoor construction.

The city government said summer schools and training classes should be suspended and companies were being advised to give their employees time off. ”

Well ok , there are no students at my school today , however all the staff is here. I’ve been sitting in my office since 8:15 am and will continue to do so until 4:00pm.

I’ve purchased some books , brought my laptop and some DVDs , and made sure my coffee supply is full. Bring it on typhoon! (Updates and photos after I get off work.)


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