While it was just yesterday I was extolling the virtues of the city and how I eat better than all of my friends back at home, but now I being hit by one of big city life’s negative aspects , construction.

Living in the city you can’t get away from noise . It seems worse living in a city like Shanghai. A city caught in the violent, chaotic, spasms of self-improvement and development. Not content after building up the world’s longest subway system by miles (errr by kilometers ) but committed to doubling that. Not satisfied with the 20 year buildup of Pudong’s skyline from farmland to a world-class view, and now currently building the world’s second tallest building. Sometimes you get unlucky and your apartment is situated next to a metro construction site. (Good luck sleeping for the next 10 months!) Sometimes it’s just a two week stint to replace the ageing piping under the street. My last apartment matched the former situation, and my current apartment runs with the latter.

It appears the workers are under some pressure to get things done as last night they were burning the midnight oil (as well as the 1am , 2am , 3am, 4am , 5am, 6am, 7am…..) Seriously the entire night I was hearing jackhammers , metal plates moving , and other heavy equipment as I drifted in and out of bizarre construction induced dreams.

I think (hope) the worst of it is over. Love it or hate it , we gotta live with it! At least my noise tolerance has gone up as well as my maximum sleep decibel allowance! Woo hoo!

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