Doing my Service for the Expat Community

Yesterday , on what just happened to be my big 2 years in Shanghai, I got the chance to take a bullet for the team , to do my service for all you expats here. It was a serious matter , one of life and death. A good many of you know what I’m talking about here. Too lazy to get off your couch and turn off the dvd player with pirated dvd inside , with the prospect of starvation and actually getting up quickly arising ,  who ya gonna call? Sherpas!

As a foreigner living in Shanghai you will quickly learn about the food delivery company Sherpas. They work with tons of different restaurants throughout the city . You can pick up one of their menu’s and choose from the world’s cuisines and have it delivered right to your door. Awesome.

Anyway, there was a new Italian restaurant to be tested and judged to see if it was worthy of working with the orange and black clad motorbike warriors.  My one friend who would normally be in charge of that was in Beijing on business . So I bit the bullet and the crack taste testing team was formed!

The dangers were many and I was fraught with many uncertainties as well as a long and arduous journey. I faced insane taxi drivers speeding through the city , had to make a long journey to a place called Pudong (Where is this place? Why is it so high-tech?)  , fought through the metro tunnels during rush hour (braving broken bones and crushed limbs) , and then had to deal with the risk of hot melted cheese burns , death by pasta , and perhaps even food poisoning. I did my service to all of you!!!

Haha , the restaurant was super awesome and if you glance at a Sherpa’s menu in the future and see Acqua e Farina listed , you’re welcome.

(Alternately just go to Room 2 in the Basement of Shanghai One at 1138 South Pudong Rd. It’s really good and pretty reasonably priced.)


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