Two Years in Shanghai

Hard to believe but 2 years ago today I arrived in Shanghai. I had just gotten off a domestic flight from Qingdao with my lovely Ohioan friend Lindsay who was my first visitor from back home in the States. It was supposed to be a few day stopover and then it was off to Malaysia. That never happened and bam now two years later I’m still in Shanghai.

When we arrived the city was in full World Expo mode , with Haibao statues dominating the landscape , tons of domestic and international tourists , and not a single hostel dorm bed or cheap hotel room available. Oh yea and a nice 30-50% price hike at all the hostels . We spent our days sweating and scrambling around the city looking for dorm beds. In between all that we enjoyed our time with some new found friends from all over the world. I love that aspect of backpacking.

In a mere two years I’ve seen a lot changes in the city . New buildings have gone up , old ones torn down , there was the 28 story JiaoZhou Rd apartment fire , new metro stops have been popping up , and probably the most exciting is the skeletal form of the new 632 m (due to be the world’s second tallest ) starting to take shape and loom in the  horizon  over in Pudong.

It’s an exciting time to be in this city and I’m glad to take part in all of it!  (Except for the pushing on the metro and insane drivers. Yea , I’m pretty done with that.)

Here are some flics from that fateful day 2 years ago!


2 thoughts on “Two Years in Shanghai

  1. Salut Shanghai!! Meeting people from other places is definitely the best part of travel or living somewhere different. Good luck to you. How are you doing with the language barrier?

    • Hey , thanks for stopping by and the good luck wishes. I always meet so many like-minded travelers , just love the experience!
      My Chinese is pretty good. Good enough to to get things accomplished in town and read storybooks to the children in my Kindergarten classes. I need to step up the studying to be able to really improve myself. I’ve been on a plateau for a while now but still am proud of my Chinese skills.

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