Shanghainese Point of Pride

Whenever I’m traveling in other places in Asia ( I wish I were doing that now but alas this is just a memory from before) it’s always Shanghai that is mentioned. Chinese restaurants are named after Shanghai , clubs looking to be cool and hip name themselves after Shanghai , even guesthouses adopt the Shanghai moniker. It  always seems to be that way. I’ve never seen a Beijing guesthouse , or Xi’An Terracotta Warrior restaurant , or even a Hong Kong club. Why Shanghai? I guess it’s Shanghai’s meteoric rise from a fishing village to the finance capital of mainland China. Beijing has thousands of years of history and was the seat of the Emperor for long periods in Chinese history but I guess a club is cool only if named after Shanghai. In the sense of a financial modern capital it makes more sense for people to use the Hong Kong name but Shanghai it is. Anyways, its another point of pride for Shanghai! Has anyone seen any places named after a Chinese non-Shanghai place ?

These pics are from the Philippines and Cambodia. Sagada and Phnom Penh respectively.



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