Red , White , and Blue in June

With the 4th of July (American Independence Day for those of you not in the loop) coming up in Shanghai there are many bar/restaurant beer and BBQ events being planned. Last weekend (June 30th and July 1st) had some events going on , this week on the 4th has still more , and still more BBQ’ing (and a hot dog eating contest) will be going on.

Last Saturday I went over to one of my favorites , Boxing Cat Brewery , for a day of good ole’ Brew , BBQ , and Blues music. 200 rmb for entry and that got each person all they can drink Micro-Brews , all you can eat BBQ , and a live Blues band to boot.

Sitting outside by the BBQ we were hit full blast by the oppressive Shanghai humidity, there were no fireworks , and I was hearing a tad too many British accents to be back at home , but it didn’t really like I was in China. While the place was pretty busy the entire estimated American population in Shanghai of 23,600 definitely didn’t show up.

Although I’m not particularly patriotic in the end it was a great night. I even enjoyed the drunk rendition of the national anthem the dudes wearing the Back to Back World War  t-shirts gave when they hijacked the Hellhounds (Blues Band) equipment during a break.




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