What is up with commies and their crackdowns? China loves to ignore the enforcement of various laws almost year round except for brief spurts of frantic ticket giving , fining , and confiscations.

Usually these crackdowns have no effects on me considering they are usually directed at various brothels , motorbikes with illegal plates , unregistered dogs , street vendors , etc. Ignore the people driving around on improper license plates , taking 2 weeks to confiscate and fine the riders , and then over the 2 weeks completely ignoring the problem again.

However , the new big thing going around now is directed against foreigners.  Now they are cracking down against the “three bigs”.

1. Illegal Entry ( More aimed at Southeastern Asians sneaking in looking for work and North Koreans escaping hell.)

2. Overstaying Visas

3. Illegal Employment.

I have nothing to worry about since I fall into none of those categories but it means dealing with carrying around a copy of passport and visa at all times. Dealing with potential spot checks near popular foreigner hot spot hangouts , maybe a knock on my door looking at residence registration , and an overall atmosphere of paranoia and checking over your shoulder for the man. The mix of Shanghai’s summer humidity and oppressive paranoia wouldn’t make a pretty mix.

Last week the authorities (around 50 cops) showed up to Yongkang Lu and a bar called The Apartment . Both super hot spot for foreigners (and near my house) to check for papers. They have a passport/visa number checker machine and if the indicator light turns green you are good to go if red it’s trouble.

Two recent events most likely influenced this crackdown. That of a Russian cellist (formerly) working for the Beijing Symphonic Orchestra and his verbal abuse of a fellow Chinese train rider and that of a drunken British tourist trying to sexually assault a Chinese girl and then Chinese guys beating the hell out of the Brit.

Screw both of these assholes. These things are horrible enough to do in your own countries and when they are done in foreign countries it does much to ruin international respectability and is a great loss of face. The Chinese government knows its populace is maddened at the events and they turn this anger outward towards the foreigners wanting to turn the attention away from themselves and how badly they can treat their own population. This attention also is turned outward on everyone. Not just the Russians or the British it becomes an against them (foreigners). You know , us 1.3 billion people versus them 5.7 billion people.

I wish “the man” would be man enough and own up to the cause of this being these two events instead of side stepping the issues , claiming the crackdown is completely unrelated , all while bringing up the calls to kick out the foreign trash.

Okay enough , please don’t block or re-block, or crack down on roomaomao just trying to teach the little kids and enjoy a brew.

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