Movie Theaters in China

Movie-goers from Western countries will most likely be taken aback at the behavior , or rather lack of, inside Chinese movie theaters. I’ve been to the movies in the city of Tianjin , Shanghai, and now Shaoxing.

Just this past weekend I went on a little trip to Shaoxing , tucked between Hangzhou and Ningbo , in Zhejiang Province. More on the trip coming later this week but first we’ll talk movies.

It was a rather chilly and rainy weekend so we sought shelter in a movie theater by our hostel (also took advantage of the cheaper than Shanghai ticket prices , only 70 rmb for the 3-D).

First of all , let me say , The Avengers is super awesome. Secondly , I actually enjoyed the 3-D .

Now onto the Chinese movie theater experience.

1. Cell phones galore

Oh yes people leave ringtones on during the movie and *gasp* pick up their phones and have a conversation. This usually happens many times during the course of a film.

2. Talking

In addition to the aforementioned cell phone answering people will often talk (quite loudly at times) during the movie. During the Avengers the talking wasn’t bad but when the action lulled off for a few minutes the kids (and some adults) would start loudly recapping all the action scenes that happened.

3. Noise

While I didn’t notice any of this during The Avengers , long , long ago in Tianjin people were doing their best to open and consume snacks with the highest  decibel levels possible.

4. Bathroom

No , no NOT going on inside the screening room! But I just had to write about the bathroom there. Something I ate earlier that day was making me feel a little funky and before the movie started I went to try to relieve my bowels. Mistake. Inside each of the squatter stalls a huge mound of shit was just chilling on the basin part of the toilet. No exaggerating , a huge mound of shit in each one. Too big to be flushed away. (Why can’t you just poop in the water part people??). A brief gag impulse choked its way up through my body after the smell of each stall hit me.  Then I go to the urinal to pee ,and what awaits me in the urinal? Yes , a small piece of shit , in the urinal. My guess would be that some child had to poop and each of the stalls was disgusting so Dad held the kid’s backside up to the urinal and plop, plop.

Ok, that is all. I leave you with the awesome Avengers and several mounds of stanky shit.


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