Cat Cafe Bliss

I’d heard before of the Cat Cafe idea being popular in Tokyo, Japan. Space restraints of apartments  and anti-pet leases kept people from enjoying kitties. Also Japan loves cute things. Hence the idea of paying money to sit in a cafe loaded with cute fuzzy beasts.

I was surprised when a google search turned up a few different cat cafes in Shanghai.

I set out on a mission to the nearest one from my house.

Fortunately it’s located at #1 Taiyuan Lu , right in the heart of the former French Concession, and a short bike ride from my house.

Pulling up on bikes there is no immediate indication that there is a cafe here. Only upon a little closer inspection does one see the a small little buzzer, with a small piece of paper with little cat pictures and some Japanese words  surrounding it, around the buzzer.

It’s a like a secret little club for cat lovers. Or the lair of a crazy old cat woman.

“Can I come in and stroke your kitty?”

Ring the buzzer and then a minute later a Japanese lady opens the door , peaks out, says “Konichiwa!” , and hands you some slippers to wear. Whoa.

She leads you through a residential hallway  up a flight of stairs and voila there you are, in her house turned cat cafe paradise! It’s a low lit large living room with cushions on the floor , small tables resting on the floor , cat towers, a shelf of cat paraphernalia , loads of cat toys , three kittens , and three big fat lazy cats.

A menu is handed over and then sticker shock kicks in. The cheapest drink of the lot is 58 or 68 rmb ( a little under $10USD to a little over $10) , and that’s for the simplest coffee , the tea my girlfriend choose hit the wallet for 100 rmb ( like $15!). Although we did get two deliciously dense and moist brownies and a plate of cookies for free.  Imported Tokyo cat cafe concept at Tokyo imported prices. Yikes! But you know what? It’s totally worth it. The place isn’t really about the drinks and although they have wi-fi it’s not a good place to get work done , it’s all about kitties! Get a 58-68 rmb coffee and play with the cats for an hour and a half. Or should I say , play with the kittens and watch the fat lazy cats power nap for the entire time.

The owner is super nice and definitely not a lonely, crazy , old cat lady.  For about half the time we shared the room with a family and two other ladies who were all relaxing and laughing at the kittens antics.

I have my membership card now ( every 50rmb spent earns a sticker towards 20 stickers and then a gift is given) and when I feel like entering this secret cat haven tucked away, I will be back.

Cat Cafe Bliss – #1 Taiyuan Rd. 

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