Moment of the Day : Turtles

Living in China can have a lot of “What the Heck?!?” moments . Today’s moment was especially hilarious. I was covering some classes for my friend at a teaching center this morning and on my bike ride to work at 8:30 while waiting for the traffic light to turn green I encountered this moment : One guy in a construction workers hat is holding a large live snapping turtle neatly tied up. He was swinging the turtle by the rope and another guy was trying to settle a price for the turtle. The conversation went something like this (although in Chinese) ”

Buyer :50 rmb for one turtle?!? Are you crazy ? Usually I pay 30 for a turtle this size.

Seller: No way , this is a great turtle. 50rmb or go.

Buyer: C’mon give it a little cheaper!

At this point the light turned green and I was swept away in the sea of bicycles.


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