In the Knick of Time

With one full day of work (love those rearranged work on saturday for the holiday schedules) and about 48 hours until touchdown in Phnom Penh my timing couldn’t be any better. Check out this screengrab from a Chinese weather site


Notice the characters on the night of the 21st  雨来雪 (rain turning to snow) and on the 22nd 小雪 ( little snow). Considering I’m leaving my house 5 am ish on the 22nd I say the timing couldn’t be better.

The weather will then be turning to this

Not too keen on the thunderstorms but we’ll see how that pans out. I’m not (re) adopting that outdated format you Americans like so much. Sorry readers, figure out Celsius to Farenheit yourselves!

I’m going to Cambodia whooooo hooooo!


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