Let it rain , let it rain , let it rain.

Shanghai’s weather so far this winter has seemed to me a much warmer affair than last year. By much warmer I don’t mean blue skies and t-shirts but a couple of degrees centigrade higher. This week the lowest high has been 6C with temperatures supposed to rise up to 10C by the middle of the week..  Last year by this point in time we had a couple of days with snow and it seemed that I was nearly freezing to death in my apartment every night.

Listen you Ohioans, I know you are suffering through snow storms , whiteout, slippery driving , and all that fun stuff but still sometimes I like the snow. Maybe after a week or two yea I’m done with the snow but it has its days. Nothing like being the crazy ones bundled up and going to Holden Arboreteum in the winter during a blizzard or grabbing some hot chocolate after sledding. When it snowed in Shanghai last year , I took the opportunity to walk back home from work (2 hour walk) and detour into Fuxing park to take in the sights and enjoy the falling white matter. With my trip to Cambodia and February looming ahead will this be my first winter completely without snow?

Anyways , It’s been rainy the entirety of this Saturday and I couldn’t be happier. Usually rainy weekend and happy are at odds with each other but not today. Shanghai has been hit with disgusting polluted fog aka smog this week. The (acid) rain is now washing out all the chemicals. Walking around outside today , of course keeping the umbrella very close to myself, felt great. The air was easier to breathe in and the sky was much lighter than previously this week.

Here is a Shanghaiist article about the air condition this week.



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