Metro Madness

In a massive densely populated city like Shanghai rush hour can be intense. Whether it be public transit or private car things can be hectic to say the least. We don’t have the subway workers whose jobs are dedicated to shoving people into the already overpacked subway cars that those Tokyo residents may be familiar with but that’s because we don’t need them. Here in Shanghai, the metro riders take care of that work themselves. Shoving , pushing, old ladies grinding their pelvises against me , and other general forms of jackassery can ruin an already morbid mood during the half-awake haze that is the morning commute.

Come soon I plan on having a series of subway survival tricks and tips but that is for another time. Now time to focus on a subway jackassery witnessed today during the (gasp) non-prime time rush hours.

I was sitting down on the bench-style seating near the end by the door. The very last seat next to me was open. We had just stopped at a station and through the doors directly across from my position came a younger girl walking towards the seat. From the other side of the car came a late 30’s early 40’s woman. This woman ran from across the car and bumped the younger girl out-of-the-way a little bit to slide into the seat just as the younger girl was beginning her descent into the seat. As if that wasn’t bad enough the lady was laughing as she did it. A maniacal bitchy kind of laugh directly in the girl’s face. It didn’t even happen to me but I was still pissed.  When a country has 1.3 billion people personal space and some forms of social pleasantries aren’t strong concepts.

Good thing she (probably) couldn’t read English as a quick glance over at my Kindle and the insane text of American Psycho exposed on the screen might have given her second thoughts about trying to sit next to me…..


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