Remember Yo’ Roots

Since I’ve come to China I haven’t eaten very many packaged foods. A trip to the grocery store involves buying fresh veggies, fruit, and sometimes meat which is then cooked up and served that day. I don’t often buy cookies , cakes, candy , and such things like that. I’m not a fan of packaged foods in general and I also just really don’t like many Chinese packaged foods. For another post I will round-up my go-to’s if I want a snack.

There are times though when I miss some good ole’ American snacks. Goldfish , pretzels, dried cranberries , granola, the list can go on.I absolutely love Asian cuisine but remember your roots! It’s good every once in a while to pay that extra cash and indulgence in some old favorites. I’ve been really wanting to eat some goldfish lately but Carrefour doesn’t have the original flavor in stock. Screw the marshmallow flavor crap , I want that cheddar cheese!

Occasionally there will be the food splurge but more often I’ll get some nice imported beers and I must always have a nice coffee selection!

Ohhh craft brew how I miss you so!


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