November Graffiti

The weather is still nice out (20C) and im enjoying the tail-end of fall with the last enjoyable bike rides of the season. Fortunately for me my house is very close to the awesome Moganshan Road M50 Art District. I snapped some photos of some prime new legal graffiti on the Moganshan wall and stumbled upon some nearby not so legal ones on Guangfu Rd. Enjoy while you still can. The M5o graffiti wall is supposed to be torn down by the end of the year for development. Bleh!

6 thoughts on “November Graffiti

  1. hi, thank you for this post. Could you let me know which of the pics you took are the illegal graffiti? It looks like UTAH was there, or maybe someone used UTAH’s tag as a sign of respect.
    It seems like much of the graffiti in Shanghai is occuring only in legal places or places that are in the process of destruction (derelict). Is this true? What have you found? thanks.

    • Hey , Sure the end of series from 3868- 3873 are the illegals . The yellow storm 3868 , and the Nine, Desio ,Utah , Ether blue series are all on a non-graf wall on a Guangfu close to M50 . The rest are on the M50 graffiti wall. It seems like almost all of Shanghai graffiti occurs on legal walls ,walls inside of construction sites, or like you said derelict buildings.Not very much of the bomb everything mentality witnessed in other cities.However I have seen some illegal ones by Shanghai Train Station in a canal (storm) and some are visible from inside the Zhongshan Park metro station on the platform (storm) There are some construction sites by Moganshan that have some cool tags up in the crumbling buildings ( XiSuzhou Lu). XiSuzhou Lu and nearby Anyuan Lu used to have a bunch of illegal walls hit but the city has long since shittily painted over them. I have a huge backlog of pictures from Moganshan. Cheers to a fellow graf lover!

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