Wusongkou Paotaiwan Wetland Park

Yes , yes , I know , sorry for the disjointed posts lately. The summer of travels is being intersected by weekend trips. Sorry no more on Laos yet but today I’m featuring an awesome little get-a-way way off in the outskirts of Shanghai.

If the weather is nice and you are itching to get out of the city center consider a trip to Wusongkou Paotaiwan Wetland Park (吴淞口炮台湾湿地公园). This park is way out in the boonies , Baoshan District, and is well worth the trip. One can take Metro Line 3 waayy up north to almost the last stop , ShuiChan Lu (水产路), and a hop a quick taxi ride, walk a bit, or figure out which bus to take. If you can read Chinese the name of this street gives a little clue about the locale. ShuiChan literally means water production. This park is located by the confluence of the mighty Yangzte and Huangpu rivers , nearby to the Pacific Ocean.

The park has great views out over the water and one can even see nearby Chongming Island from the coast. It’s hard to forget you are in the city in Shanghai and the park is no exception. Sitting out in the waters are many derelict barges , fishing ships, cargo boats, etc but it doesn’t ruin the scene. A very cool looking ferry terminal is also viewable from the park , it sits like some alien amphibious landing vessel.

The park has migratory waterfowl , a nearly 2km long coastal walk , boat rentals for paddling through the marshes , open green spaces for picnics and setting up tents, bike rentals, winding tree-lined paths, and cannons. Yes, cannons! Due to the strategic location ( entrance to two major rivers from the ocean) fortifications have been around since the Ming Dynasty. The park name means Wusong River(another name for the Huangpu river) mouth fort bay wetlands park. A central area features some WWII age batteries and some even earlier cannons. This area may be of interest for WWII buffs because several battles for the liberation of Shanghai from the Japanese were fought here.

There are also people but it doesn’t get as crowded as other Shanghai locations due to the distance away from the center. On a gorgeous October Sunday there weren’t enough people to detract from my enjoyment of the park.

Now I did say the metro is probably the most convenient way to get there besides a personal car but on a gorgeous fall day that’s just not for me. We tinkered a little bit with google maps and plotted out a bike ride there! It’s about 30 km (each way!) and took about 2 , 2.5 hours each way. I could make it faster but we were taking it slow and enjoying the way and also got a little bit lost. If you use google maps beware as it seemed like the road we needed intersected with the road we were taking when it fact it was a bridge over the road. A bit confusing but we eventually found our way there.

I like nothing more than exploring via bicycle and pedaling my way through the city really helps me get a sense of place , a feel for the way, and is all around pleasurable. Especially when the sun warms bare skin and the cool breeze blows through and keeps the sweat level down.

Keep it real y’all. I’ll leave everyone with some pics!



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