Its Orange Season!

Well everybody its orange season in Shanghai! It’s the time of the year where small juicy little green/orange-colored oranges are abundant and ready for the eating. But don’t go to the grocery store or even your local fruit shop. (It’s cool in China we have tons of little hole in the wall stores that specialize in all kinds of fruit) Just look around for one of those huge flat-bed blue trucks parked on the side of the street with hundreds of pounds of oranges stacked up in the back and a scale right in easy reach of the driver.

With these oranges the green skin doesn’t seem to matter. They taste just as good as the fully orange ones. It was just a little weird at first since I wouldn’t really eat oranges with any green on them in the US.

Drivers are hauling in tons of oranges right from the farmers outside Shanghai and parking in your neighborhood! On the 3.2 km(2mi) walk down Changshou Lu from my pad to M50 Art Zone we passed 4 huge trucks parked with loads of people grabbing oranges. These guys were selling 5Jin (2.5 kg)(5.5lbs) for 10RMB (1.56USD) Last weekend in our 60km (37mi) roundtrip bike ride out to Baoshan (way out in the burbs) they were selling 3Jin (1.5kg) for 5 RMB so 3kg for 10RBB. Wooohooooo! Needless to say, I’ve been eating like 6 or 7 oranges everyday. All throughout summer and autumn this situation with the trucks occurs but with different fruits. Before oranges it was pomegranates and before that ,in Early September , it was grape time all over the city!

Starting in early November a little village,Zhaotun, about 50 km outside of central Shanghai in Qingpu district will open its strawberry farms to the public for self-berry picking. I will totally be there!

Maybe the next post will be out the weekend’s great bike ride out to Fort Park but for now I’m off to cook some food.

Peace Dawgs

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