Shanghai Metro Crash!

Wow! Yesterday the worst accident in the 15 years of Shanghai’s metro operations happened. At around 2:50pm 2 trains collided on Metro Line 10 in between the popular tourist spot Yuyuan Gardens and Laoximen. Apparently the signal systems had failed a little earlier in the day and operators were running the line at reduced speeds using telephones for the signaling system. This led to one train ramming into the back of another one.After this, line 10 operations were shut down for the day , 500 people were evacuated through the tunnels, and oh yea 270 people being injured!!!! Only 20 of these people were severely wounded with no one in critical condition. There are no reported deaths ,hopefully this isn’t the government clamping down on the media (let’s keep our fingers crossed). According to media sources by 7:30 pm 180 of those injured were released from the hospitals mostly with bruises and some bone fractures.

I think there will be outrage among the population at this latest accident. This comes only 2 months after the July 23rd high-speed train crash in Wenzhou that injured 200 and left 40 dead. People were incensed about that incident and this will only make matters worse. Transportation safety is increasingly being put in the spotlight as the nation strives to enlarge the system. Going back to the signal failures , guess who happened to make both of those failed signal systems? If you sensed a connection you are right , both systems were manufactured by a joint French-Chinese company called Casco.

I hope that these issues can be resolved with ever more and more high-speed rail lines built and with Shanghai’s metro expected to double to more than 800 km of track by 2020 (it’s already the world’s longest system at around 435 km now).

Luckily for me I was at work during this time and I ride Line 7 to Line 4 to get to my kindergarten everyday but last year I did have to ride Line 10 to get to work on Wednesdays.

I’ll leave you with some links to get some more information and to see some photos of the incident.

This last link is to help see where the accident occured. Look on the lavender colored line 10 in between Laoximen and Yuyuan Garden.


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