Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival

Well everyone its past that magical time of the year known as the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Also known as Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival. This fun festival has come and gone. I wanted to write about it before the weekend so I could brag about how I have a three-day weekend to all of those who enjoyed labor day last week. But alas we are all on the same page again. Although I do have the national Oct. 1st 5 day long holiday coming up soon! I’ll tell you some funny things about how that holiday works out. It’s truly bizarre. (I’m building suspense! Make sure you tune in around that time! mwhaha)

The weekend was pretty good , not super eventful but It was filled with bicycle riding around the city, everyone’s favorite snack ,mooncakes, random exploration via motorbike , and relaxing in parks just soaking up the beautiful weather. The best weather in Shanghai occurs in the fall , the all too brief fall. We have blazing hot. humid, summers , humid cold soaking to the bones winters , and two very enjoyable time slices known as spring and fall(or autumn).

The origins of this festival stretch back more than 3,000 years , was driven underground by the commies in 1949 , and has been reinstituted by the capitalist/commies in 2008. It is a celebration of the autumnal harvest and is a period for lighting lanterns and watching them float away , eating mooncakes , matchmaking , and a time to gather together with family and relax. I did have two mooncakes this year , one peach , and one apple. Little did I realize that these tiny cakes pack a whopping 1,000 calories each! They are supposed to be cut into eighths and split amongst the family. 2,000 calories too late I realized my mistake.

I enjoyed the perks of my new job this weekend as well! Friday we had a teachers day dinner at a nice Sichuan restaurant. 3 fully packed tables of people all paid for by the school. Each table received around 30 dishes apiece! I was soo full long before the dishes stopped arriving but each one looked so good I had to sample at least a little bit. After dinner I didn’t really have anything to do so I decided to find my home from work. This is a six metro stop 2 hour walk back but I did it! Woo hoo! If you just take the metro all the time you can’t really get to know the city.  I also got a coupon for a free Haagen Dazs gift set of mooncake shaped ice creams. Also delicious!

Ok , I leave you with a few pictures and a good link about mooncake economics and how they are becoming the Chinese version of fruitcake from a fellow Shanghai based blogger.



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