Back to Shanghai! Did that really just happen?

Well it’s all over and done with, things are returning to normal , its back to the structured and scheduled grind. Gone for now are the days of freewheeling international fun. No more staying up getting silly til sunrise on a Tuesday night, doing whatever I want whenever I want. The sandals have been replaced by socks and shoes, the sleepy villages with massive skyscrapers , and Beerlao by Qingdao. The last guests of this summer have packed up their bags and I once again am master of my own couch. One of these days I’ll actually have some cash again too. How does two months fly by like that ? Once it’s passed where does it go? Fade away forever into the annals of time? Preserved in photographs? Sucked backwards into a black-hole where it waits patiently for the next big crunch and following big bang? Too many questions lets move on.

Here I sit on my computer, the reality of work slowing sinking into the synapses of my brain. NOOOOOO I just want to sit by the Mekong!! I just want to climb mountains!! Where is my giant backpackers bag??? Why can’t I get a Beerlao at every store?? Yikes its back to the thinking already!

What a whirlwind of events this summer! Played tour guide for my family and then for Willyam and Arat. Meet up with my Turkish former roommate in Beijing , visited 8 different provinces of China, endured a 26 hour bus ride from Kunming down into Laos, climbed enough mountains to satisfy me for at the least the next few years, seen waterfalls and caves , expanded my culinary palate with some dog meat, yak meat, preying mantises and pig brains, got ridiculously sick from eating some of the most delicious street food shellfish ever (and not just best of street food im talking like best of ma life) , taken more than 1000 photos , and even managed to find time to relax. As I sit in my office of my new kindergarten job thinking about all the great times of the summer I just can’t believe any of it really happened. Did I really do that? Isn’t what I usually do involves teaching? Yes, yes work yes back to work. I didn’t really leave Shanghai of course not.Work is the norm , yea?

No more overnight buses  and worrying about getting a tuk-tuk, now it’s frets over lease renewal , medicals ,Chinese residency permit renewal, visiting to the police station for registration , lesson plans, and my favorite thing ; waking up early! But I guess it’s all necessary seeing as how my ancient descendants weren’t wealthy merchant princes residing in their chalets in the Pyrenees , or one of my close relative isn’t a defense contractor with the U.S government and well to face the facts , I’m broke as a joke haha (but not really funny). Woe is me back to my 28th floor perch in a city featuring flashy lights , Lamborghinis,fantastic restaurants,  and Gucci bags (though mostly fake ones).

But you know what? It’s okay and I’m fine with it. I really do enjoy living in Shanghai (though the humidity sucks), it’s nice to be back in my turf with my friends ,my new job really isn’t that hard(no more middle school students yess!!) and im compensated rather well for it.  Things will be a-ok as soon as that first paycheck rolls through although now being only 5 days in seems like it will take an eternity before im clutching the red version of Mao’s face in my sweaty palms.

Good thing I can occupy myself with writing on this blog which happens to be free. (Yes yes I know nothing is free and that true costs involve electricity, internet subscription , as well as the medicinal implications of sitting bleary eyed in front of a computer screen for hours) I dedicate myself to writing up this blog for my own enjoyment and also so I can share with all you friends around the world who still remember me (all 3 maybe 4 of you), as well as any random travel loving peeps who happen to stumble upon this site. So get ready for a bunch of upcoming content woo hoo!


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