Puppy Sittin’

We got to entertain our friends lil cute fuzzy ball of energy for the weekend. Maxy Boy and Lila headed to Nanjing for the weekend so we got to watch beastie. I’ve never had a dog before and I must say they are pretty awesome. We watched cutie Friday evening , Saturday , and Sunday. Beastie doesn’t have her shots yet so she can’t go outside for a walk but it was fun indoors as well. The lil gal is chock full of energy and constantly leaping and bounding around the room. I’ve always had cats throughout my life and dogs are very very different. It’s nice to be constantly loved instead of at a cats discretion. I also liked how excited beastie gets when I got home from work , cheers ya up when a little bundle of love gets so happy to see ya come home. Ok I’ll keave y’all with some pros and cons and pics of the bugger.


Fun to play with

Nice to have someone to come home to

Sleepy night cuddle time


Shit and piss on the floor ( not house broken yet and not my job)

Early morning energy and whining while im trying to sleep

Is teething so constantly is finding things to gnaw on such as chopsticks , bottles of olive oil , slippers , hands


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