Safety Safety!

Sometimes when I want to grumble , bitch , and moan about my job and the crazy loud kids I think of the jobs that are actually terrible around and that pay probably next to nothing at all. One of these less envious jobs is the metro safety worker. These yellow clad warriors operate the baggage xray scanners before the turnstile to enter the paying part of the metro. One person looks at the screen which displays the scanned luggage and usually one or two others stand by beckoning people to put their bags into the machines or whom smack your bag with those little metal detector wand thingies.  These machines are brand spanking new for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo. Before that there was absolutely nothing , the problem with this is that a huge percentage of people completely ignore these words and their calls of 安全 安全 (safety safety). The percentage is different between different times and different stations , for example rush hour has many people just breezing by. I’d say perhaps 70%-80% percent of people just go right on by. So this safety workers spends his/her entire day lifting an arm to point at the machine and saying safety safety to have 8 of 10 people completely ignore them. I feel bad for these people so I usually put my bag into the machine and sometimes receive a 谢谢 (thank you). Someplaces I never do this though , places like the Shanghai Railway stop I usually don’t. The workers really don’t care there and I’m always in a rush to get to my school. I have the schedule down so that I have to really hurry through the long transfer tunnels and can just make the train , if I don’t make the train I have to wait like 6-7 minutes for the next one , this is a real killer! Usually the complete ignoring of the safety workers is responded to with a complete ignoring of the safety ignorers (haha akward sentence) but one time after someone passed I heard the worker call out (in Chinese) Fine ignore the safety! You can die! This was all said in a laughing joking manner by him and I cracked up laughing after this. Remember folks a sense of humor is the best way to keep from turning into a grumpy old person. Words for the wise.

Peace Freaks!


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