Summer Plans

Well the short spring in Shanghai is over and the early summer (Mid-May!) temps are constantly breaking 30 degrees celsius. (Breaking out the cellphone for unit conversions gives me 86F!) Bleh and its only mid-May. With the rising mercury brings along a rising sense of relief. Relief that this damn semester will be over finally. This is a rant for another time but sorry kids I’m sick and tired of it for now! This summer will bring along some interesting times. Pops, Mum , and Sis will be along for a taste of Asia. I’m wondering how they will take it. Mum loves travel quite a bit and is always itching to head down south to Mexico . Pops likes travel but the kind of internal domestic USA travel. The whole international different languages thing isn’t quite his cup of tea I don’t think. Sis hasn’t been on a journey like this before and it will be interesting to see her impressions. One thing I know for sure is that she will be luggging out the good ole DSL camera. Maybe if i can orchestrate it , I will snatch that camera up. Hehehe. Work ends June 12th , family arrives June 14th and we plan to see Shanghai for a few days , take the fast train down to Suzhou , then a sleeper train to Xian , and finally another sleeper up to Beijing. Now unfortunately these are all places I have been to already. Suzhou and Xian were three years ago already so im a bit more excited about those cities. I live in SH so im looking forward to getting out a bit , and I used to live in Tianjin which is right outside of Beijing so I used the opportunity to go many times. The family has 2 weeks here and then its me flying from Beijing to Kunming in beautiful Yunnan province! I am really really excited about heading here. I have been thinking about a trip such as this for a few years now. The plans are not set in concrete but I plan on touring the province , seeing the major spots of Kunming , the Stone Forest , Dali , Lijiang , Yangshuo , and possibly heading to Ruili to check out the border with Myanmar. My friend Willy plans on flying out to Yunnan meeting up and then heading back to Shanghai with me for a bit to check out how I live. This will be the second friend who has come out to visit me in China and its been a year since my Lindsay V graced me with her presence. I know I’ve only been out here 15 months but its getting harder to remember back to the times back in the States. It seems like so long ive been here already. Time flies yo. Aight peace out again!


2 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. sad to think you can barely remember USA.i still try to grasp those times with a lot of grip.reminisce.dave i miss.u.luv.error.2ct90897.

    • Oh don’t worry I have all those fun times and amazing people locked up forever in my mind, well at least until it starts to rot and the worms eat it. I still feel the love baby! It’s gonna be a hell of a time when I come back and visit or when y’all make it out to Asia.

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