Sometimes it feels so packed and crowded up here in the central city district of Jing’An. According to 2003 statistics 320,000 people jammed into 7.62 km2 or 2.9 square miles for those imperial unit inclined. That’s why I always welcome a day of suburb motorbike cruisin beer guzzlin out in the “boonies” of Shanghai. I use the quotation marks because well compared with my upbringing in the suburbs of Cleveland (Mentor , OH ohh yeaa) i wouldnt call it a suburb. The super tall buildings , the hustle and bustle , and the mass of foreigners , is lacking but hell to me its still not a suburb.
Started the day out with the normal Sunday work out in QiBao (七宝) and then went to the Shanghai South Railway Station to meet up with my good friend Pan. Hopped on the motorbike ( man i really love riding those things! bicycles are awesome and suit me just fine for now but the rush of riding a motorbike is great) and headed back to his house nearby Xinzhuang (莘庄)。 The suburbs are so much cheaper than the inner city , what i pay for my share of a two bedroom pad in Jing’An District is what he pays for his whole two bedroom apartment . Got to meet the wife and kids. His daughter immensely enjoyed my dreadlockage and called me a  狮子头 (lions head) to her mama. Watched a bizarre really trippy kids educational show sipping a brandy while the lil cutie sucked on a milkbox. Good shizzle. After we hopped on the bike and headed out randomly into the vastness that is the outskirts of Shanghai. On this trip we headed south kinda along the southern extent of Metro Line 1 and beyond to the Metro Line 5 extension. This is wwaaaayy out of Shanghai folks. 33km from my house or so. I love the trips out here. Drinking with Pan is fun. It involves motorbiking to a grocery store , purchasing brew , driving to a cool spot , and consuming said brew. 6 cans of Suntory for 15 kuai and a spot in the sun in the middle of a random housing complex that has definitely never had a foreigner inside , especially not a foreigner with dreads downing brew cans. We found such a place in Wujing Town , Shanghai (吴泾镇) Took down the first six pack and went off on the bike in search of a WC. Found said WC bought some cigs ( not for me) got laughs from the store owner as we talked to his little kid in Chinese and then off to a grocery store for another 6 pack. Had a person tell us to go in front of him in line. ( We are again rare ! instead of just the normal weirdos in central Shanghai). Then proceeded to sit outside the store leaning against the wall to finish another 6 pack. Whilst leaning against the store talking philosophy the store next door , which happened to be a bar , (heya to being able to read characters!) opened up and we took a look inside. We were the only ones save the bartender girl and the next door neighbors kids , who were content to watch tv. Enjoyed a Heineken (喜力) for 25kuai . (Damned nice prices , usually inner city is 40-50rmb). Talked to her in Chinese for a while and then it was back to Pan’s house. After is a bit hazy but eventually i guess i was taken to the nearest metro station , had a long ride back to Changshou Lu (长寿路)and then a further walk back home , a brief stop for some fried rice from the street vendors and a pass out on the couch.
Getting lazy about writing but want to make a few main points about the day and the burbs.
1. I love riding motorbikes in the burbs
2. The burbs are much chiller than the inner city
3. In the burbs being a Laowai is again much different. People go  whoooaaa! again.

A is where I live , B is around where I went


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