Get yer mothers some chickin’

Having just watched The Boondocks Season 3 Chicken Flu episode and realizing its Mother’s Day , I decided to kill two birds(hah lame) with one post.

Number 1

Happy Mother’s Day all you mothers!

Number 2

Did you know KFC’s biggest sales day is on Mother’s Day? It’s true . I worked there for 2 of those special days to honor and celebrate mothers, What better way to show your love then be a lazy ass and bring a giant steaming greasy bucket of fried chicken back? Pretty crazy aye? Mad call in orders of 50+ pieces of chicken , super coupon action , and irate customers demanding chicken to be sold faster than it’s made. Nearly $7000 of sales at the MOL KFC I worked at. Compared to $1800 on a busier weekday and $2800 on a bumpin weekend. Yikes! Y’all should really cook mum up something like on a day like this.

Aight switching it up now. Be on the lookout for future posts about current events and trying to catch up on a backlog of things about the last year.



2 thoughts on “Get yer mothers some chickin’

  1. Yeah Mother’s Day was torture at KFC. I drove past it this year and just started to laugh. It’ll be a part of our lives we won’t forget though. Work sucked but the people there will always be memorable.

    • Hahahaha yea man im glad I worked there , we did have great times. I cant believe it was so long ago already , it seems like we were just chilling with turkish silvers and honey baked goodness aye? I still want to get that Danny Dixon boi though. Idiot.

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