For real this time , I swear!

Alrighty , well here I go again. I started up a blog more than a year ago to share my life in China with peeps back at home. Said blog has been gathering e-dust somewhere in the recesses of cyberspace. I’ve been hounding myself about starting to write again but due to a combination of work overload , laziness and travel its been nada until now. This is it! I will do this , I will write! Much has changed in the time between this blog and its predeccesor. I’ve moved from Tianjin to Taigu to Shanghai. Done some traveling in China as well as seen a portion of the Philippines , worked for a few different companies , made friends , and become more accustomed and confident with living in this crazy city of Shanghai. I promise I will put more posts up on here and be on the lookout for website changes as I learn how to use WordPress. That seems like a good enough intro post expressing intent to churn out the posts. I leave y’all with that for now. Peace!


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